Parents teachers meeting 2019

Parent teacher meeting is one of the important programme in the school. Teacher alone cannot shape the students future. It has to be the dual effort from both parents and teachers. As somebody rightly said, learning begins at home so it is very important for the parents to know how their children are behaving and performing in the school. The school on this day identifies pertaining issues to be discussed with the parents.

The gewog Mangme is invited as a chief guest. Teachers and parents gathered in the MPH by 9:A.M.The chief guest arrived at 9: 30 A.M. The School Principal welcomed all the parents and thanked them for making their presence. Principal also requested parents support and cooperation in guiding students. Then staff secretary Mr. kezang Tshering introduced all the teachers by name and the class they are responsible for. The parents were given clear instruction on what they are supposed discuss with their children’s class teacher.

After that the Principal presented school policy to the parents where more emphasized was given on the facilities provided by central school to the students followed by VP Sangay Tshering’s presentation on school statistics. The need for 90% attendance to sit for the examination was also emphasized. Parents were also informed about SEN programme in the school. However lack of infrastructure for SEN programme were also informed.

Non – Academic head Mr. Sangay Dorji oriented the parents on various issues. First, school discipline policy was presented. The procedure to deal with child with discipline issues were clearly stated. Secondly, on mobile policy. Lopen clearly informed the parents that the students are not allowed to bring and use mobile in the school. Failure to abide by the rule will be asked to pay Nu.2000 to collect back the mobile. Incase if there is no one to claim the mobile then the mobile will be sold in auction and the money will be deposited in school SDF. Prohibition on use of any kind of electronic gadget were also highlighted. Thirdly, parents were requested to wear national dress while entering the school premises and also requested not to use school road inside the school while going to FCB. They were also requested not to drive private vehicles inside the school premises.

Then, Mess Incharge Mr.Ngawang Chokey Jamtsho presented on individual student’s stipend followed by Mr.Pema Gyalpo, lower campus incharge presentation on waste management. The community around the lower campus were requested not to dump their waste in the school pit as students are finding difficulty to manage it time and again. Mr. Pema also emphasized on prohibition of selling alcohol in and around the school premises. Then, Lopen Tashi informed the parents on Gyalpoi Tozey. Leave policy were also stated clearly.

Mr. kencho Namgyel, Warden highlighted on students leave issue. Parents were asked to inform warden/matron before meeting their children to avoid unwanted problem. Students tend to seek leave time and again so parents were informed clearly that henceforth, leave will be granted only incase of death.

The last agenda for the programme was question and answer session where parents clarify their doubts and give suggestions for betterment of school. During this session, Bjena Gup questioned the school on mobile policy. Since students were not allowed to use mobile in the school. He questioned on how sick students contact their parents. To this the school VP answered that the sick students are given proper care. If the students are seriously ill then the school will directly contact their parents. Also informed that call facilities are provided by Warden/matron and also from the office. The second question was on new students not getting dress. To which the school administration informed parents that the suppliers have not sent the new dress and will be issued soon. One of the parents suggested that the class teacher create wechat group with students’ parents to work collaboratively to discuss the issues related to their children. The school administration agreed to discuss with the teachers and take decision. The programme ended with vote of thanks to parents and teachers by VP Sangay Tshering.

After the session in the MPH hall, parents were served suja and desi. Then parents visited their children’s class to meet with the class teacher to discuss about their children. The programme was a huge success.

Report compiled by Mrs. Sangay Zangmo

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